Mendelson-Young Endowment for Cancer Therapeutics

Roger and Shirley Mendelson

By Randy Daugherty

While he was battling pancreatic cancer, Dr. Roger Mendelson and his wife Shirley established the Mendelson-Young Endowment for Cancer Therapeutics—a $1 million fund that will enhance UT Southwestern’s ability to take cancer therapies from the lab to the bedside as quickly as possible.

Dr. Mendelson believed that the education he received at UT Southwestern greatly prepared him for his life as a physician, and for many years he had planned to make a gift to his alma mater. In part because Shirley’s mother died of a brain tumor, the couple decided that the endowment should support all types of therapeutic research—not just pancreatic cancer.

After his long battle with cancer, Dr. Mendelson passed away on January 28, 2015. The Mendelson-Young Endowment for Cancer Therapeutics remains as a permanent legacy, providing financial support to researchers and physicians involved in finding the causes and cures for cancer in generations to come.



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